Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Making the most of the snow...

So I woke up and looked outside this morning expecting to see less snow than yesterday, thinking some would have melted by wrong I was! The snow is still blanketing my road! Maybe it'll be a white christmas after all!!!

This inspired me to look at how bad (or good!) the snow is in other areas and I stumbled across these pictures from a few years ago....
I believe they were taken in Russia and they show how someone has created an art-piece out of the melting snow and ice. I thought they were very moving photos and also have something to say about climate change. Definitely making the most of the conditions to create something beautiful!

These are just a few pictures I took back in Leeds a few weeks ago when the snow was particularly bad!
I like the ice covered plant and how the sunlight catches the snow on some pictures.

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